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VODP - Meeting Your NEEDS


VODP - Same Day Medication Starts

Do you or a loved one need medication to stop opioid withdrawal?  Have you been using heroin, fentanyl, or carfentanyl?  We can likely help you today.  Call now to speak with one of our caring staff so that we can get you started.  Toll Free in Alberta 1-844-383-7688.


VODP - Transitions in Care

Did you have a prescription for opioid agonist therapy and need help until you can connect with your usual provider?  Were you started on medication in a hospital, emergency department, detox centre or corrections setting?  Call today and we will likely be able to help you with medication today and get you connected or reconnected with care over the next few days. Toll Free in Alberta 1-844-383-7688.


VODP - Ongoing Care

Is it impossible for you to get care in your home community?  We use technology to connect clients with doctors, case workers and other supports.  We provide ongoing care for Alberta residents with opioid addiction in over 100 different communities province wide, north to south, east to west.  Call today for more information.  1-844-383-7688.